Thursday, September 13, 2012

I dream of many things…

…but right now I mostly dream of a day when I matter to people whether I’m doing photos for them or not.

Silly dream, I know…


  1. comradecourt said: Well you know you can always count on Cerims, Mimi, and I to be there for you, not for photos and for your genuine friendship. And as I told you before now will be the time where you find your true friends. <3 I know it’s hard but I’m here for poking
  2. mints4friends said: Your tabbouleh matters more to me than your photos ever did. KIDDING!!!! <3 I’m sorry you’re feeling crumby. Maybe some year, we’ll get together in a non-con way MORE than once a year, because we are awesome and awesome should be concentrated.
  3. sammei said: Nooo, Kevin. ;_; Those people who only like you for photos are few and far between, I will BET you. Cash monies. That is how serious I am. For what it’s worth, I wish that our paths crossed more often, and you weren’t so far away. I like you!!
  4. studiokitsu said: Noooo!!! 2nd husbando, you mean so much more than photo skills. There’s that barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen plan I got you on. Still working on the mpreg thing but how’s your pie skills coming?
  5. lelola said: Huuuuugs. I’m sorry things are such that you’re feeling this way. For what it’s worth, I was your friend before the photos, and if you never take a photo again, I will still treasure our friendship. <3
  6. dangerous-ladies said: I know we don’t talk much (and see each other even less) but for what it’s worth I’ve always enjoyed our conversations, and I wish our paths crossed more often :) - Jenn
  7. elementalsight said: Gyah. That feeling really really sucks. I’m sorry you’re battling it. *gives you so many internet hugs and will hug you for real at Jackie’s bday*
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