Saturday, October 6, 2012

Today’s telemarketer scam

*after usual pleasantries*

Them: Sir, I’m calling to say you have a virus on your computer

Me: Well, this is a new scam, but you’ve got my attention, tell me more…

(no, that’s not an annotation, I actually said that to him)

He ignores that and presses on further

Them: We’ve detected a virus and we’d like to show you

Me: Really? Can you tell me my IP address? My operating system? 

Them: If you can turn on your computer for me

Me: Yep, it’s on already, but I’m sure you can detect that. You really don’t give up, do you…

(insert several minutes here as I waste a bit of time while cooking lunch - he’s trying to get me to do the whole “OMG the teddy bear icon in your system directory is a virus!" trick I assume. Normally I’m curt but polite with telemarketers, but when they’re trying to scam me, that’s a different story)

Them: Okay, when you right click on “my computer” what does it say?

Me: Oh it shows me lots of letters and numbers, it’s very pretty

Them: Sir, I’m going to transfer you over to my supervisor

Me: You do that *click*


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    I yeah, I love this one. I actually had someone claiming to be from ‘the Internet Server’ call me once.
  5. koristarfire said: lol someone who doesn’t know much about computers trying to scam someone who knows lots about computers.
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    Oh, I love that one. If I’m in a gregarious mood when I get that one I freak the fuck out at them on the phone. OMG A...
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